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December 2016 Club News

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Cheynes Beach Ride

Story and pics: Chris Prescott

Around a dozen bikes and fourteen riders gathered at the information bay for a ride to Cheynes Beach for a relaxing lunch. A club member offered the use of his house out at Cheynes for us to have lunch at and enjoy the view over the beach.

This is what they’re looking at, beautiful Cheynes Beach.We had an uneventful ride in pleasant weather on Chester Pass Road, turning right at Bakers Junction and through to Cheynes via a stop at Manypeaks to regroup, drink coffee and chat.

On arrival at Cheynes some headed to the food van outside the shop for supplies while the rest headed to the house.

Admiring the view from the verandah.We then all met up and a very pleasant long lunch was spent on the verandah overlooking the bay. It was one of those days and the beach was magnificent. Weather was sunny with a gentle breeze.

By all accounts the food from the van was good too. Nothing at all to complain about. No alcohol was consumed at lunch but, despite this, when leaving Andrew and Wendy found some loose road material on the first corner and their bike laid down for a rest!

Wendy valiantly protected Andrew’s panniers from scratches by keeping her leg between the road and pannier. Andrew should be very proud of Wendy’s thoughtfulness.

Luckily no lasting injuries, however a trip home in the back up vehicle due to a sore leg and no doubt a bit of a scare. You have our sympathies Wendy.

BMWs can be a bit of a worry but at least it made the distance. A good ride, good lunch and the potential for a future ride and BBQ event.

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