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October 2016 Club News

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A Longer Ride

By Chester

Dumbleyung - Jim, Wes, John and Kerry.After we said our goodbyes to the mob from the overnighter at the Corrigin pub, Phil, Garry, Harley and I headed north to Nungarin. Phil had made arrangements with the Heritage Machinery and Army Museum committee to open for us and we had to be there by 11am.

The site is the original massive army vehicle workshop constructed in 1942/43. It houses a very good display of military memorabilia as well as old machinery etc and is well worth a look.

We checked out the local pub for lunch as it seemed the only place in town which was open. As it was still early in the day we decided to head north to Mukinbudin, west to Bencubbin south to Trayning.

Ron and Petra.Accommodation at Mukinbudin was scarce (wildflower season) and non-existent at Bencubbin and the manager wasn't friendly at Trayning so we ended up back at Nungarin pub. It was a good move as it's recently been done up with new owners. It's very neat and tidy with good tariffs and breakfast thrown in. The Sunday roast went down well for $15 too.

On Monday morn we headed south to Merredin, here Garry left us as he needed to get back to Albany. Phil led us out further east to Carrabin then Westonia. He gave Harley and me an insight into his early days as he spent some time of his youth with his family in these parts.

His father worked on the Perth Kalgoorlie pipe line. Westonia is just north of the east west highway and is supported by farming and a gold mine.

We visited the Hood-Penn museum. It features a variety of scenes showcasing early life in the shire and is really well done and also worth a visit. Phil even informed us his family used to live in the back of the building.

From here it was back to Merredin before heading south Narembeen, southeast to Hyden, Varley, then Lake King. Here we checked into the tavern motel and after we had a beer we walked across the road to a display of tractors which were made by some local farmer pioneers in the early development of the area. They were very inventive and they are wild looking machines, all under cover too.

Dinner at the tavern was very good and Phil was in his element catching up with some locals as this is where he started farming with the taking up of a block of land east of Lake King back in 1967.

First thing on Tuesday we rode out to Phil’s farm, now run by his son Colin. Here Colin took us for a tour of the farm. Its mostly all in crop and they are showing a lot of potential due to the good rainfall this season.
Homeward bound it was west to Newdegate, south to Ongerup, then home.

Summing up, the roads we took were relatively quiet, traffic-wise. The temperature hovered in the mid-teens and we never got to put any wet weather gear on. It did rain the night we camped in Nungarin so we were lucky.

The crops throughout mostly looked lush with plenty of potential with varying stages of development. If Jack Frost, hail, grasshoppers and all the other vagaries stay away they will have a good harvest.

It was a great ride in good company.

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