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October 2016 Club News

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Denmark Porongorups Ride

By Chris Prescott

Only six riders attended on what was a very windy day. It would have been seven but someone was getting her nails done. As Bob Dylan said, “The times they are a-changing”.

We set out on the Lower Denmark Road as we reckoned less traffic and less wind. We were right about the traffic. A strong crosswind and stronger gusts caused us to make full use of the traffic lane but we all arrived in Denmark for smoko and to watch tourists and ducklings. Not much difference really.

The usual suspects having a meal in the bush.
A couple of young girls wanted to know if we were part of a bikie gang and did we all ride Harleys. Yes we were bad bikies but we didn’t ride Harleys because they are tractors. They looked confused.

Next came a short detour in Denmark to cross a new bridge and then on to Mt Barker bakery to purchase lunch. The bakery was full of tourists but we got through and then it was off to eat lunch at Castle Rock in the Porongurups and the anticipated use of our shiny new Club Park pass.

Alas, no rangers, so the passes went back in the folder for another day. Had lunch while rain threatened then headed home to Albany.

For once the rain started after the ride so it was a good day.

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