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August 2016 Club News

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Through the Stirlings to Gnowangerup

Okay, so it was wet and cold, but did that stop us, nearly, but not quite. Chris and I met Bob Boyes and Garry Blake at the info bay as another shower passed by. Think anyone else is coming? Ha, donít think so.

So off we went, past the Porongurups, heading towards to Stirlings, there was a reasonable amount of rain, but Iíd definitely been colder. Bluff Knoll cafe was a welcome sight, and Glen Oliver was there to meet us. There was a fire going on the verandah, so a pleasant cuppa was had in comfort.

John Davis had been in touch and said we were welcome to come to his and Kerryís place for lunch, brilliant. John also said he would join us at Amelup. By the time we reached him most of the rain had disappeared and the sun was appearing. Nevertheless the Davisí house was a welcome sight.

Bikes nice and dry in Johnís shed.
With bikes parked in the shed we were welcomed inside with a blazing fire, nibbles and mugs of coffee or tea. Shortly John McKinnon and Chris Sainty joined us, they had taken the dirt roads via Broomehill.
Chris dancing to keep warm in the Stirlings.

Before long it was time to head home, we all split up a bit, I needed some fuel and Garry was going to have a look at an Ariel frame that was in Shaneís shed.

We were riding down the South Formby Road when this mad car driver was waving at me with something black in his hand, you never know these days with all the  road rage around, so yeah another crazy, keep going.

Luckily Garry who was behind me clicked on and stopped. It was John Davis trying to catch us up with Bob Boyes wet weather pants in his hand. I was wondering where Garry was. We turned back and got the full story, Garry gave it to me to put in the tank bag to give to Bob.

Admiring the rainbow from north of the Stirlings.
The ride home was great, the sky was black in places, but the Stirlings, Porongurups and surrounding paddocks were bathed in sunshine, rainbows completed the scene. It just looked fantastic, better than a plain blue sky in a way.

There were a couple of very light showers, but nothing to dampen our spirits. Great ride, thanks to the ones who turned up and also a special thank you for Kerry for the food, love those round bacon and egg things and the hot drinks.

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