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August 2016 Club News

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The Lower King BBQ Ride

Yes, I know I had this as the Kalgan River BBQ Ride in the last Club News. I was half-tempted that we went to the Kalgan, got a piece of steel and lit a fire under it. Anyway, by now most realised that what we were supposed to be doing was heading to the BBQ area at Lower King by the bridge.

Gathering to go for a ride.
On a good day its a lovely spot, unfortunately, once again the weather could have been better, but this didnít deter the stalwarts turning up. It was good to see Lawrence Emery on his shiny Triumph as well as Wendy who had come down from Perth.

The Club beanies had arrived and we were selling them like hot cakes, and something warm on your head on a cold day is a good choice, especially if thereís not much hair there.

Ronnie talking us through it.
Ronnie then took us through where the ride was gong to take us, first over to Albany Hwy via some back roads and then down Menang Drive and up the old Rocky Crossing Road to Bakers Junction for a coffee. Ray Gerovich is always very welcoming and came out for a chat.

Trying out the Goldwing for size.
Chester joined us here as he had been out whale spotting for John Woodbury. We then rode along the South Coast Hwy and down Hunton Road before heading to Nanarup Beach. Its a beautiful spot, the bar hadnít broken so the water was very full in the inlet.

Bob, John, Ronnie and Antoinet taking in the Nanarup
          beach scenery.
John and Ronnie rode out through the soft sand to the bar where they posed for photos, joined by Antoinet and Robert. It looked stunning, with sunshine, big waves, and a black sky for background.

In the Nanarup Beach car park.Antoinet, Chris and Wendy
          snuggling up at lunch with Ronnie flying in.
We then carried onto the Lower King BBQ area and (slowly) cooked lunch. Once again even though the weather didnít look too good, and we did have some light drizzle, it turned out OK, I didnít even put my wet weather pants on.

No breakdowns, although Ian had a case of the droopy front indicators (maybe take the bike to the doctors). Thanks to Lez for coming over from Denmark to do back-up duties, much appreciated.

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