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August 2016 Club News

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Economy Ride

It was a disappointing turn-out for the Economy Ride as its usually a popular event, but the ones who went enjoyed themselves and the hospitality of the Albany Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service.

Phil on Bonneville waiting for the others to catch
Ronnie took us on a ride around Little Grove and the Robinson Estate before heading to Elleker for morning tea, always a good place for a coffee.

Chatting at the fire station.
Then off we went to the Volunteer Fire & Rescue Station where they had prepared a BBQ for us to use and also provided hot and cold drinks.

A few riders missed turns here and there, but we all arrived safely for lunch. Chester met us at the Station which was great.

Comparing fuel usage.
After fuelling-up at the end of the ride at the Caltex in North Road, Philís Triumph decided to play up, trouble with the carby, luckily Garry Taylor who was doing back-up duties realised something was wrong as Phil was going straight home.

But they managed to put the bike on the trailer and the Triumph had a very economical ride back to Bayonet Head, turns out it was just a missing balancer screw.

While we were having lunch Andrew and Ronnie worked out who had the closest fuel figures. Warwick was the winner with the closest estimate (guess) of how much fuel he would use (only 1.01 out) and was awarded the trophy by Ronnie.
Warwick is suitably impressed by the trophy.

After lunch we had a tour of the Fire Station which was very interesting, Andrew had a go at some of the fitness machines, and didnít break anything!

My Steib outfit had the worst economy, only 11km per litre, although I think the economy is generally better than that (I hope ha ha).
Beautiful Steib outfit.

But we had an enjoyable time, the weather was great, as was the hospitality of the volunteer firefighters.

Thanks to Garry Taylor for going back-up.

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