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June 2016 Club News

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The Walpole Mystery Ride

Originally it was a ride around the North Walpole Road to the Coalmine Peninsular BBQ - but what happened was: the forecast didn’t look too good but the weather was fine as we rode to the info bay to meet the other 10 or more riders.

The plan was to ride through Denmark to Bow River for a coffee. Riding through Denmark the sky was black, I said to Chris, “Reckon we should stop and put our wet weather pants on?” “No, I think we’ll be fine.”

A soggy Mike, Ian, Bob, Phil and Geoff.
Next minute and it was like riding through a waterfall, my jeans were wringing wet, so we headed back to the fuel station and put the wet gear on, a bit late I know, there seem to be bikes going everywhere when we were doing this. So we thought we’ll head to the pagoda by the river and there we found Mike, Ian, Phil and Geoff.

Apparently the rest had turned around. Anyway we had a coffee and chatted for quite a while, and the rain stopped, although still looked threatening. Well, we might as well still go to Walpole for a ride eh, so off we go. On the way we pass Dave Bostock coming back, must have gone the whole way, good on you.

We arrive in Walpole at the Bakery/Cafe and there is Barry Robson, he’s done the whole ride as well and was looking for the rest of us. Yeah, felt a bit of a woose. Anyway we settled down to a pie and another coffee in deserted Walpole before heading back to Albany.

By now I was getting used to sitting in a wet pair of jeans and the ride back to Albany with the wind with us instead of head on was most enjoyable. Thanks for the company, we had a good laugh, you never know what’s going to happen on these rides do you?

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