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April 2016 Club News

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Perth impromptu Hills Ride

Pics and story by Clive and Lee

Carpark at the start.After a week of hot weather, it was decided a Friday night ride was due, so we put out the "Ride On" email. It appears a lot of our friends were thinking along the same lines as we had 13 bikes on the 50k ride thru the hills - several apologies - and we were joined by another four at the pub.

Stuart’s poor old Kawasaki GTR, definitely needed
          “coolant” on a hot day.
Stuart's GTR lost its coolant at the starting point and needed a lift home, sorry you missed out guys. The pub was very busy when we arrived so we were glad we had booked ahead as we had 26 hungry bikers to feed.

Enjoying a drink and a feed at the pub.
The meals were a little slow coming out but well worth the wait. I heard of no complaints so can only assume everyone had a good time.

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