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February 2016 Club News

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Quindanning Ride, Jan 16

By Steve McCallum

The picturesque Quindanning pub forecourt.
Lynne and I had decided to spend a night at the Old Quindanning Inne and put the idea out to the AVCMC.
The 16th had arrived with the temperature gauge rising, and a few thunder clouds to follow us. By the time 1pm came around 14 motorcycles had arrived, including sidecars and some towing camper trailers.

As we approached Byford there were road works that blocked off one lane and a car driver had not noticed that there was Ron on his Honda ST1100 with a trailer that needed to merge. There was a minor altercation, the car received a scratch, Ronís bike went over, words were exchanged, no skin off, Mrs Burgess had to lend a helping hand.

The run up Del Park Road was great, the temperature dropped by 1C, stopping at Dwellingup for a cool beverage, banter and bullsh*#t. Another 2 bikes joined us here and after we hydrated we headed off down the hill to the Inne.

Jim, riding a Triumph Rocket, blew a tyre on his trusty camper trailer. The tyre pressure kept climbing due to the heat of the road. Steve and Ross helped Jim to put things right.

As we arrived into Quindanning the heavens opened and a good drop of rain fell, after about 10 mins the sun came out and the temperature went back up making for Darwin-like conditions.

Gabriel, Big Kev, Dave and Ron enjoy laid-back
A good feed, cold beer, more banter and OLD stories, lots of laughs made for a good night under the stars. The camper trailers set up in the car park just as a group of Harley riders came in. It was good to see more bikes parked than cars.

The next morning a country breakfast was served while the happy campers packed up and went on their merry way into another hot day. A big thank you to Neta and the staff at the Quindanning Inne for great hospitality - we will be back.
Steve & Lynne.

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