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February 2016 Club News

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Cosy Corner BBQ

Gettings your Guzzis all in a row: a break at
It was a large group of Club members for the ride out to Cosy Corner including Phillip who came down from Kojonup. David was riding his vintage Velocette and left early so as not to be left behind, but to be honest I donít think he would have been as we werenít travelling that quickly.

David and Bob behind Davidís vintage Velocette.
Ronnie had the idea for this ride, which was to Redmond for a break before tackling 4km of gravel road and continuing on to Torbay and Cosy Corner. It's nice to go a different way for a change.

The stop at Redmond was interesting. Ken had been having trouble with a dead battery on his old Harley, as the ignition key had been inadvertently left on and the battery flattened. So he brought a car battery with him and was using jumper leads to start it.

Jumper leads creating a small fire.
Trouble was when he was jump-starting the bike at Redmond the positive lead grounded out causing a fire. He managed to put the flames out and then with a bit of help disconnect the leads from the battery, unfortunately the connection to the coil was damaged and the Harley sidecar outfit ended up on the trailer.

With Ronnie and Antoinet making sure everyone took the correct roads to get back on the bitumen we headed off again. Well everyone except Sharpie and Penny who was following him, they ended up behind the back-up trailer, not sure what happened there.

Cosy Corner is a great spot for a BBQ, and they even
          worked this time.
Anyway we finally arrived at the BBQ area at Cosy Corner, and amazingly the BBQís were working, slow, but working. And with new tops! So we enjoyed a sociable time cooking, chatting and telling stories.

Some of our Club members were saying it was nice to do an afternoon ride for a change, maybe we should do more of them. Thanks Chris for doing back-up duties, which came in handy.

Actually this year weíve had a few bikes making use of the trailer which shows what an asset it is. We can always use more back-up drivers, so if youíre interested give Bob a ring and put your name down.

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