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February 2016 Club News

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Boxing Day Ride

Having a coffee by the banks of the Denmark River.
Well, the Boxing Day Ride this year was actually two days after Boxing Day. So we called it the Christmas Ride, although I guess it was a bit late for that too. But we stuck with the original ride from Albany to Denmark via the Lower Denmark Road and return via the Upper Denmark Road with the option of a spin around Scotsdale Road if you felt like it. Itís an afternoon ride which is great for a change.

Admiring Paulís newly restored Z1000.
There was only a small (but happy) group on the ride of about 15 people. While we were stopped by the side of the river in Denmark Paul Fry rode over on his newly restored Kawasaki Z1000. Heís done a beautiful job of restoring it, and it was certainly glistening in the sun.

After drinks and chatting for a while it was time to head home, very enjoyable, good to see such healthy faces after Christmas.

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