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December 2015 Club News

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Motorbike Soccer, BBQ and Bonfire

Story Antoinet, Pics Andrew and Antoinet

Lots of happy people arrived ready for a fun day. Lots of socialising, some were getting used to the bikes in the paddock and others were setting up camp around the place.

Bruce on a postie boots the soccer ball.
Some of the club members had ridden down from Perth which was great. It turned out to be a very nice day and evening apart from Steve riding himself to hospital because he hurt his hand pretty bad.

Special motorcycle soccer nurses bandaging Steve's
Lucky Wendy and Chris were there, Ronnie got our special 4WD first aid box out of the car so the nurses could bandage the cut. Steve was still in good spirits though, always happy and full of jokes.

Couple of burners to heat the night.
All the ladies had made delicious salads so after sausages and steaks were cooked on the barbecue we enjoyed a feast. Colin had brought his oil burner heaters to make it all nice and cosy.

Lovely evening bonfire.
The bonfire was lit a bit earlier this year so the kids could enjoy it too. Nine people stayed the night and enjoyed the bacon and eggs the next morning.

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