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December 2015 Club News

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Philís 80th Birthday Ride

Photos by John Mac

Phil and Lurl
          celebrating his 80th with a hug.Phil was about to turn 80 so what better way to celebrate it than a ride and birthday cake.

Philís still kick-starting his early Triumph Bonnie, this year riding it on the on the three-weeks-away ride for nearly 1700kms, and camping too. If I can still be doing what Philís doing when Iím 80 Iíll be very pleased.

Chris was riding the Sunbeam, which was cutting out a bit, so we took it home and swapped it for the BSA which she likes riding.

We didnít have time to fill it up so we arranged to meet the crowd at the Wind Farm, our first destination for the morning.

I was surprised to see Jimís RT BMW on the trailer, trouble with the battery. But it goes to show that any age bike can break down.

We had a break at the Wind Farm before going for a ride down the peninsular to Quaranup before continuing onto Frenchmans Bay and Stoney Hill.

It was then time to arrive at Garry and Marie Taylorís place where we were to have lunch.

Suitable sidecar passenger and
          rider on the cake.
Phil and Lurline supplied all the food, and Marie and Garry did a great job cooking up a storm. The birthday cake looked great including a sidecar outfit sitting on top.

Phil giving a speech to the group.
It was a very relaxing lunch, people were in fine voice singing happy birthday and the weather stayed fine.
Thanks to Garry and Marie for doing such an excellent job catering for over 30 people and to Phil and Lurl for supplying all the ingredients.

Thanks also to Chris Prescott for doing back-up duties.

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