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December 2015 Club News

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News from Perth

By Clive Oakes

We have been a bit quiet up in the big smoke lately, so it was decided to invite old and new city members to a Sunday breakfast!

Breakfast or just coffee at Fast Eddy’s Morley with
          the Perth mob.
October the 25th saw fifteen of us enjoying conversation and good food at Fast Eddy's Morley. I had a short ride through the hills in mind for when we had finished eating, but I was called away with a work commitment, so no ride was had.

We did it again on Sunday 15th November, and had 17 feeding their faces at the same venue, including Bob the President and family!

They had ridden up from Albany just to see if their city members were toeing the line. We may have disappointed them, but we are who we are.

A stop in the hills at Mundaring.
As it was a pleasant 35C day in Perth we kept the ride short (so the Albany mob didn't melt) through the hills to Mundaring. Not everyone came along - the important ones did - and after a cold drink we all went our own way to enjoy the rest of the day.

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