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December 2015 Club News

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Isle of Man TT 2015

By Bruce & Kylie

Sidecar hurtling around corner, Isle of Man.
We finally got to Isle of Man for the TT but sadly could only make it for three days due to late booking. Caught the sidecars and 600ís in practice going over Snaefell Mountain, but came the first race day it was cancelled due to 60mph winds, so we didn't actually see any races at all.

Shit happens, but got to ride the 1150RT BMW around track on the day instead. Got up to 80mph (with Kylie hanging on) then reached the top of the mountain and nearly blown off the track by wind, so slowed right down. No wonder they cancelled the racing.

Bottler of a van on the Isle of Man.
Great atmosphere on the isle and still can't believe that there's no speed limit up and over the mountain for the public, just cops and ambos waiting to scrape you up when you crash.

There were four deaths in the first five days. They just close the road, clean up, then reopen the road.

The other side of the world in the middle of Douglas and hundreds of people and Dan from Busselton, a member of IHC spots me in the crowd. You can run but you can't hide.

Race-prepped new road Norton.
Had a stroll around pits but was only interested in the Norton race bikes. Wouldn't mind one of the bikes in my shed.

With a bit of luck might make it back next year. Far better than Moto GP racing. Put it on your bucket list.

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