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December 2015 Club News

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Anvil Beach Ride

Photos by Garry, John and Bob

Chatting at Elleker store.
Nearly 30 bikes were at the info bay ready for the ride to Anvil Beach. It was a beautiful spring day and so we went the longish way, down Frenchmans Bay Road then backtracking through Robinson Estate before taking the Lower Denmark Road to Elleker, detouring around the bumpy Grassmere-Muttonbird Road.

Elleker Store is always a good stop with plenty of room and coffee and fuel on hand. We then continued on past Youngs Siding (where Ike was waiting) and then turning down Eden Road to Anvil Beach.

Lunch at the car park, Anvil Beach.
This is a great ride with plenty of sharp bends and this time a very large snake. We crowded into the lookout, great view, before devouring our lunch in the car park.

Charles, Gordon and Robert - old BM riders and
It was good to see father and son members Gordon and Charles Walmsley on a Club run as well as other visitors.

Lovely ride, thanks to Kim for doing back-up duties.

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