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October 2015 Club News

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Two People’s Bay Ride

Variety of bikes at the gathering.
It was a cold, but fine morning for the 8 am start to ride out to Peaceful Bay. There was certainly a good variety of bikes including Steve’s S7 Sunbeam ridden two-up with Yvonne on the back.

Very different twin-cylinder bikes: Triumph and
We headed out through the King River on the Nanarup Road before turning down the scenic Two People’s Bay Road. There was a blur of red and white (followed by two-stroke smoke) as Steve overtook me at around 70 mph (so he said) on his 250cc Ariel Leader. The bike certainly goes well.

Ian and Andrew.
As we pulled up in the parking area a large animal shot from the bush through the bikes, it looked like an oversize Quokka, there was plenty of discussion as to what it was, interesting though.

The BBQ’s were tested, and only one was working, so once again the Club BBQ came in handy, otherwise we would have been cooking till lunchtime.

Breakfast at Two People’s Bay.
The cooks did a great job, and Colin and Leanne had gone out of their way to buy the bacon, eggs and bread for the morning’s breakfast. It was much appreciated. They would be repaid by the Club.

Claude’s son Josh was celebrating his 14th birthday which gave us the opportunity of stretching the tonsils and scaring the wildlife. Eventually it was time to pack up, one of the most pleasing things about the Club is everyone helps out, so it was cleared away in no time.

Matt’s Special Edition 1992 Honda VFR 400.
The ride back home was in lovely warm weather.  We then had a meeting to discuss the Club’s three week trip to South Australia, there were plenty of ideas and a plan was formed.

Thanks again to Colin and Leanne for going back-up, a most enjoyable morning.

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