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August 2015 Club News

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William Bay Ride

Some of the variety of Club bikes at William Bay.
The weather forecast was woeful for today’s ride to William Bay, but having said that it was the same for the day before and the day turned out fine. So Chris (doing back-up duties) and I headed out to the meeting place at the info bay to see who would turn up.

Nobody there, aha maybe we can go home and not get wet, but we were early so we hung around for a while and before long a couple of bikes turned up, and then more and more, I was impressed. All told during the day there were 16 riders.

The ammeter on the headlight had come loose on the way to the info bay, but after rummaging around in the first aid kit in the trailer we found a couple of band-aids that would hold it together, first time we used the first aid kit I think.

Lined-up at Denmark.We took off in great weather with the wind behind us and my BSA cruising along at 85-90kms, beautiful.

We stopped in Denmark by the river to check the weather and see where we’d have lunch, Geoff on his old Harley outfit and Daniel on his Ariel were there to greet us.Geoff’s
          beautiful WLA Harley Davidson outfit.

Stopping for
          lunch in Denmark on the way home.We decided to ride to William Bay via the magnificent Scotsdale Road, but return to Denmark and the shelter by the river for lunch.

Great ride, the best bends in the State, although there was a lot of debris on the road from branches which had fallen down from the gusty conditions the previous day.

William Bay is a lovely spot, although there were a lot of black clouds around, so we headed back to Denmark.

About half the riders decided to carry on home, while the rest of us enjoyed each others company as we ate lunch.

Maybe the ones who went home were the bright ones as the rain started falling as we were sitting under the shelter, ah well its only water. And it wasn’t cold.

I quite enjoyed the ride back even though it was raining, bike as going well and my new gloves kept my hands dry.

By the time we got home the rain had stopped.

Thanks Chris for doing back-up duties

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