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August 2015 Club News

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Parry’s Beach Ride

Lunching at Parry's Beach.
We jagged another beautiful winter’s day for the ride to Parry’s Beach at the end of July.

Coffee and yak at Young's Siding.
Around 20 bikes took part in the ride, taking the scenic Lower Denmark Road to Youngs Siding for a coffee before heading through Denmark to Parry’s Beach. The ride had plenty of enjoyable bends on the way with very little traffic, an advantage of riding in the winter.

When we arrived Geoff and Ruby were already there and it wasn’t long before Daniel and Francesco arrived too.

Arthur’s beautiful Ducati Darmah.
There were two new restorations, Arthur’s Ducati Dharma which he had only recently completed and Mike’s early 70’s 125cc Honda which he’s done a fantastic job of restoring.

Mike's amazing Honda restoration.
He heard about a guy who was going to take the bike to the tip as he thought that was all it was good for. But when Mike showed an interest he gave it to him. Mike then completely restored it making special parts including the tank and seat. When we were riding to Parry’s Mike stopped in Denmark on the way to show the guy what he had done. The previous owner was gobsmacked.

Part of the gang talking hard at Parry's car park.
When he arrived at the beach Mike wasn’t too happy with the motor and decided he would take advantage of the Club trailer and not take any chances and have a look when he got home.

Mike reluctantly pushing the bike towards the
The rest had a trouble free ride, great day and company. Thanks Warwick and assistant Kim for doing back-up duties.

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