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June 2015 Club News

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2015 Tracmac

The Club’s display at the Tracmac.
Once again the Club displayed bikes at the Tracmac just outside Albany at Victor Webb’s place. And with around 20 bikes on display of all ages and types it created a fair bit of interest.

It's a good opportunity for a chinwag too.
It's also a good opportunity for us to sit around and chat for a while. And there were plenty of people coming over to say hello as well as Club members from outlying districts.

The Tracmac features a variety of old machinery with tractors and stationary motors going flat out. The tractors do a bit of ploughing as well as towing various implements and they date back to the beginning of the last century. Plenty of old cars and trucks too.

With good food and hot drinks its well worth the short ride out there. Thanks to Warwick for bringing the back-up trailer and Garry and Chester for the loan of chairs and marquees.

See you all next year.

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