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June 2015 Club News

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The Annual Old Bastards Ride to Northcliffe - March 28

By Loose Bruce

15 sidecars at Lake Unicup on the way to
We headed off on Friday at 9am with 14 GSX1400 outfits and 3 solos. Took the back way to Collie through some nice country that had fires at Xmas and cross the river.

Travelling through burnt country.
Beer o'clock started at 10.30 when John Sinclair's boy hit a roo. No injury so move on and meet up with Barb on her GSX110 outfit and friend in Collie. Quick lunch and head west to pick up dirt roads again.

Numerous stops to read the map and wash down the dust with a cool drink or two. Our destination was Tone Bridge rest area which we made by 4.30 and set up camp ready for some tall stories.

Checking traction conditions.
Next morning I talk the mob into checking out Lake Unicup. Lovely spot and as the lake was dry we took the moment for a photo line up and a little hooning before heading to Manjimup.

A few put on dresses and headed off down the tar and the 13 brave men continued. Breaky at the bakery and map time again. Find some neat back roads towards Pemberton and off we go.

Fording a river.
Come to road closed, but you can't keep out the adventure people, so we continue on till we cross the Nannup Rd into the national park.

Now the best bit begins with some sandy tracks that lead to a U beaut hill climb that entertains us all as we gun it through and push each other if required.

Sidecars in thick bushland.
Then we get to the narrow track section and have to navigate over at least 5 logs using stick ramps. Eventually pop out at this lovely lake with top camp site before taking another track with a few monster potholes where it turns out that my gear sack parted company (unbeknown to me) till we arrive at Northcliffe pub.

Abuse everyone for stealing it till Donga said he saw a black cockatoo fly off my bike at large pot hole.
Catch up with all the others who rode down and sat for a good nite.

Back track in the morning and sure enough there was the black cockatoo gear sack waiting for me. Catch up with Kylie and Kaz for brecky and head back to Perth.

Another top ride.

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