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June 2015 Club News

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Economy Guesstimate Ride

By Antoinet

Ian reckons its the first time hes won anything for
          going slow after years of racing cars.
Ronnie and I had organised this ride. We were going to ride through Little Grove, Robinson with a morning tea break in Elleker. Then return to town to fill the bikes up at the petrol station and have lunch afterwards at the forts.

All went well, the weather was okay, we had only a bit of rain along the way. Riding through Little Grove past the Bay was nice, there was a cruise ship in town, we could see it was raining in there. Robinson is always nice too with all the beautiful trees.

Colin, Steve, Don and Ronnie in deep conversation.
We ended up at the Elleker store after riding along Grassmere - Elleker road. The Vintage motorcycle club had just had their break there so after a catch up they continued their club ride to Nullaki.

We had our coffees, ice creams and goodies while catching up. Bob and Chris left a bit earlier, they had gone straight instead of turning into the Grassmere - Elleker Road so they had to do that now. We all refilled at North Road and had to put the wet weather gear on, the rain had started.

Down came the rain.
Lunch was enjoyed at the Forts while Ronnie worked out the kilometres to the litre. Ian Alexander's nomination was the closest so he took the trophy home. We chatted a bit longer when the heavens opened and took off once the rain had stopped.

Results of competition.

Shame the forecast hadn't been very good otherwise there would have been more riders I think. Hopefully we will see you next year!

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