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April 2015 Club News

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Tuning Day and Sausage Sizzle

Photos by John McKinnon

Sausage Sizzle was popular with David doing a great
          job cooking.
Another successful Tuning Day and Sausage Sizzle in February. We were a bit worried the weather was going to be too hot, but at around 30C and with a cool breeze we were lucky.

Phil, Bob, Ian and Ron checking out “The Manual”.
There was a little bit of work done in the shed, a bit of carbie maintenance and tuning on Antoinet’s R80GS. Ross gave Steve a hand putting a new speedo and rev counter on his Harley and Don had a screw loose (on his Indian petrol tap).

Antoinet, Colin and John checking out Old Bike
          Australasia magazine and Warwick checking out John’s Honda
But the main preoccupation was socialising.

David Wallace did a great job as chef sizzling away the many sausages. Cakes were brought and Yvonne made some delicious ice-cream biscuits to eat once the sausages were demolished.

It was also good to see Gerald Noble from Kulin and John Davis from Gnowangerup making the effort to come down for the day (I think they were trying to escape the heat).

Chris' R25/3 nearly ready for licensing.
By 3pm the last of the crew had left after giving a hand to tidy up. Thanks also to Garry Taylor who brought over chairs, shade and an urn for use on the day.

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