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April 2015 Club News

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The No-BBQ Shannon River Ride

Sad looking ex-BBQ.
The idea was to ride to Shannon River for a BBQ at their undercover area. Chris and I pulled in there the other day on the sidecar to make sure it was open after the fires. It was, and I saw that the BBQ area was intact. Pity I didnít get off the bike and have a good look as the BBQ had been removed and a blank cover was in its place.

Steve and his trusty Beeza.
But anyway a small group of eight bikes left Albany as well as three others riding off-road to meet up at Shannon. Steve brought his trusty BSA Lightning for the 400km round trip!

We stopped at Bow River for a coffee break and Walpole for fuel before riding through the fire-ravaged area that was showing a surprising amount of regrowth already.

The two Johnís and Ron and Petra cooking up a storm.
We then decided to return to Walpole to use their BBQís instead.

By this time Steveís BSA clutch was slipping a bit and a muffler was trying to detach itself, luckily it didnít succeed. It was not a wasted journey though as the road is superb through the forests of the South West. I never fail to enjoy cranking the bike through the bends.

After lunch it was time to return to Albany. Most of us dodged the showers, although I think Ron and Petra might have mistimed one. Congratulations Petra on getting rid of the L-plates.

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