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April 2015 Club News

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Great Weekend Camping at Maranup Ford plus Guy's Version of Events

Evelyn keeping the audience amused assembling a
          jig-saw chair.
Bruce has (luckily) relatives who have a caravan park - Maranup Ford. Lucky because not many know where the place is. It's not far from Greenbushes.

So on Saturday Chris and I rode there in the sidecar together with Garry, Barry and David on their bikes.
We had a nice easy ride there, surprised the Walpole Bakery was shut, although it was still possible to get some lunch.

Riding through 40km of burnt out forest, after the Northcliffe fires, was interesting. It certainly makes you think about the ferocity of a big wildfire like that, huge trees were black from the bottom of the trunk right to the very top.

After stopping for a coffee in Manjimup we took the Bridgetown-Nannup Road before turning right to Maranup Ford. The majority were there already, but there were still plenty of places to put up the tent.

John on re-interpreted 80's GS and Jamie.
What a great place with plenty of room on the grassy and shady camping area, better than any of the other campsites we’ve used I reckon. After putting the tent up it was time to socialise. Bruce was collecting the money for the sheep on the spit on Sunday, and you had to pay $12.50 at the office each to camp, cheap these days.

Chris checking out Kylie’s shiny newer Triumph.
A lot of our members from Perth were there. Some of the BMW Club were there, as well as John Wightman, president of the VMCC. John, Ronnie and Chris had ridden the dirt roads up from the south coast.

Lefty, the motorcycle minstrel.
We had an entertaining evening, Lefty doing his wandering minstrel routine, before heading to bed at 11.30, I think we were the last to hit the hay.

Next morning the portable spit arrived, followed by the sheep. Bruce had done a great job organising this and was helped by Kojak (the chef), Colin and others. Previously Bruce and Kylie had gone to Bridgetown and bought enough food to make plenty of healthy salads. Kylie with help from Leanne and others spent the afternoon preparing the delicious salads for the table, taking suggestions, mainly from me about what not to put in them.

While they were working hard Chris and I had ridden into Nannup to have a look at the music festival, which is always interesting, although we thought a little quieter than before.

Rick’s 1942 Ural.
During the afternoon more had arrived including Rick and Evelyn on their old bikes, much to the amusement of Kenny in particular.

Chomping time.
The sheep was chopped up and what a great meal we had. Many thanks to everybody who helped especially Bruce and Kylie.

Checking out new Ural sidecar.
More socialising and laughter throughout the evening before everyone went to bed. Next morning bikes were leaving while I was still waking up, and by the time we left, about 8.30 there weren’t many left at all which was unusual.

What a great place. The owners of the park were great people who joined us for dinner and welcomed us back next year. Great idea Bruce, where else have you got relatives tucked away?

Guy’s weekend at Maranup Ford

John, Kenny, Huw, Jamie and Guy with Ev's /2 BMW.
I have been a fringe member of the Albany Vintage and Classic MC for about six years. Bob Rees the president, with his wife Chris are at the helm of a rather proactive club, plenty of activity with great people who love to get out and about upon their machines, be it a close to home vintage ride, local motor events, the occasional overnighter at a wheatbelt pub or at a caravan park somewhere within the S/W.

As we had nothing on during the Feb/Mar long weekend, seemed a good idea for those that were able, to head on down to the town of Greenbushes caravan park and spend a night or two with them, a perfect central location surrounded by great countryside and biking roads. 

Having once in the past been inside Bob's shed, there's a few old English bikes, though what is noticeable is his collection of Airheads, (what a good man) he normally cruises upon his black R100RS, I suggested that we encourage this trip to be a "Airhead friendly" run.

John, Chris and Bob meet over 90S.
At Pinjarra met up with Jon O, John Wightman and Leonie, (on the orange rocket) then off we headed, John W leading the way down some very nice riding roads that I had never been upon. Through the little town of Greenbushes and into the Maranup Caravan Park, a lovely little place amid forest and farmland. The Albany crew had a whole corner, I guess there were about 30 bikes and sidecars, many makes and models, plus a fair sprinkling of Airheads. Bob and Chris had arrived in their R100 with... boat (I talk the lingo).

The lovely R100RS.
Of course Loose Bruce and Raunchy (erotic) Kylie were there, as were Lefty, Bully, Jamie, and Huw who had his just recently purchased, magnificent original 29,000k light blue 78 R100RS. An easy night, drinks, catching ups throughout the camp, with a little bit of Lefty here n there.

On the forum, I thought that I was communicating with Herman Mk1, (German) but in fact it turned out to be newer club member Herman Mk2, (Dutch) I made my humble apologies.

Preparing for dirt ride.
Next day, Pres, Jon O and Jamie with (out there man) Ronnie, were off to tackle the dirt. Myself with Herman and Marie, Lefty, John W, Leonie leading the way, had a look at the old Greenbushes tin mine, then along some lovely riding roads and into the Nannup music festival, an hour there, more riding, a beer at the Balingup pub, more riding, a stop at Kirup for a Sirup sip, beer and lunch, then back to the park.

Only myself was aware of a wee bulge within my Draggins, as there was beside my tent, an old greenish 50's 72 Ural, complete with (bigger than mine) ammo boxes (much bigger than mine!) and Bully pointed this out to me, I would love that with an R90 100 powerplant, "a true cruising machine"  (Can someone make me one?) A nice way to start an evening, whilst taking on board Airhead Kenny's techno tips, "he quickly solved my leaky carby mystery"

Bruce and Kylie had the sheep on spit, salad and bread organised, "was very nice" plenty of talk and drink, a bit more of Lefty....all in all, "a nice little evening"

I would have liked an Airhead line-up for a pic, next morning could see that a bit more notice would be required, maybe next time. Jamie leading the way through some nice farmland back roads, with Jon O, was a lovely morning cruise back to town.

Had perfect weather, thanks Albany VCMC for letting us share Lefty, might have to do the same again next year.

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