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April 2015 Club News

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Gymkhana and Sheep on a Spit

The Club’s Gymkhana and Sheep on a Spit was held at Colin and Leanne’s place in February. Weather was perfect and the venue is brilliant, a big flat mowed paddock for the gymkhana and the best undercover outdoor area in Albany (if not the world) for the tasty sheep.

The gymkhana (all knock-out competitions) got underway with the slalom, zig-zagging in and out of the witches hats, then the same again, but this time you had to ride over a plank with a round log under it to make it interesting.

Paul in the go-slow race with an HRC Postie!
We then had the go-slow race which was split into two as there were many riders. Followed by the newspaper run, picking up rolled newspapers from a bin at one end of the paddock and dropping them off (one at a time) at the other end of the paddock, this involved a rider and pillion, the pillion doing the paperwork.

Oliver helping day with the newspaper race.
All eyes were on 2-year-old Oliver who was dad’s helper, he did a great job and received a round of applause at the end of the race.

Gerald finds the last boche ball in the hall while
          Ronnie ponders lost glory.
The last event was a version of musical chairs only the pillion had to jump off the bike when the klaxon sounded and run to the hay bales in the centre of the paddock where there were 8 boche balls hidden, each time one was taken out until there were just 2 bikes left with Gerald riding pillion on Steve’s BSA and Ronnie pillion on John’s BMW. Gerald won, Ronnie is still trying to figure out how he lost.

Great afternoon with plenty of riders, pillion, spectators and laughs. It was then time to relax with a few drinks while the sheep was getting ready to be carved. Colin’s brother, Graham, came down especially for the weekend and did a great job cooking the sheep, it tasted superb.

Colin and Leanne’s spacious undercover patio, perfect
          for the “Sheep on a Spit” and movie.
There was plenty of salad, bread, sausages as well to satisfy anyone’s hunger. When the sun had well and truly gone down, Colin brought up a big white truck, the side of which was to be a very large screen, so with a DVD projector set up we were at the movies watching “On any Sunday” an old motorcycle movie from the late 60’s/early 70’s. It looked great on the big screen.

What a great way to finish off the day. Many thanks to Colin and Leanne for the use of their place, Graham for cooking the sheep and Ronnie and Antoinet for helping organise the day.

There was a mix-up with the dates in the “Future Events” column which had the Gymkhana listed at Sunday, Feb 21. It should have been Saturday, 21, unfortunately Don and his family turned up on the Sunday, apologies for the mix-up, they thought they were first to arrive and were very pleased with themselves, until they realised it happened a day earlier, sorry mate as I think you took a bit of flack.

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