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February 2015 Club News

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The life of a sidecar

by Clive Oakes

Clive at the Gunbarrel turnoff at Carnegie Station.
Seeing the pic of Mike's outfit in the last Club News was great and prompted me to send some of the same bike 25 years later when I owned it. I rode it over to Mike's place to show him, and he was amazed to see it still going strong. It has had some changes made to it, possibly when the late Max Madill owned it.

Front view of Clive barrelling along.
I had fun on it for a couple of years before moving it on, and the bike is now residing in Eaton (Bunbury) with a good mate JC (John Colman).

Spotted at the Numbat, Clive, Steve and a strange
          looking Bruce, or maybe not so strange.
Addition by editor - I was speaking to Mike the other day and the outfit now has more than 300,00kms, just run in - Bob.

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