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February 2015 Club News

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Perth Charity Ride

Joondalup Arena.
We were lucky enough to be in Perth to go to the 2014 Perth Charity Ride.

Griff with
          Santa’s sleigh.With Katrina (daughter) on the back and Griffin (grandson - left) in the sidecar we joined thousands of others on the ride from Lathlain Park to Joondalup Arena.

Police had roads blocked off and then the right lane was for motorcycles only through the Graham Farmer Tunnel and up the Mitchell Freeway.

When it was time to change from the right lane to the left on the freeway the police blocked off the whole road, so it was bikes only. The road from the freeway to Joondalup was also devoid of vehicles which made for a smooth ride to the Oval.

It took 30 minutes for the bikes to pass and the roads were reopened.

Loaded up with cuddly toys.Congratulations to Bikes Unlimited for a successful 39th Charity ride, the longest running motorcycle charity ride in Australia.
The Salvos have received over $1.5 million in toys, food and money from the Perth ride over the years.

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