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February 2015 Club News

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Bring Your Oldest Bike Ride

Paul’s 500cc Ariel Red Hunter.
The “Bring Your Oldest Bike Ride” is always one of the more popular Club rides of the year and this year’s was no exception.

Lloyd and Norton, Chris looking on and Bill getting
          on the Ducati.
The first Sunday in January was perfect for riding, not too hot, little wind and clear skies. There were over 30 bikes in attendance manufactured in the UK, Europe, Japan and the US covering a wide variety of makes, the oldest being Mike Hyland’s beautiful pre-war BSA.

We rode a little way up the Upper Denmark Road before heading down the Marbellup Road to the Lower Denmark Road and Youngs Siding. Definitely less traffic going this way.

Lunch at Emu Point.
The Youngs Siding Store did well selling ice-creams and cool drinks. After spending a long time chatting and catching up we returned through Elleker and Marine Drive to Emu Point where we had lunch.

All the bikes performed well although Lloyd’s ES2 Norton was playing up a bit with suspected ignition/carbie problems, but to his credit Lloyd was determined to ride it home without putting the bike on the trailer and he did. Great day, many thanks to Phil and Lurline for doing back-up duties.

A number of the bikes and riders arriving at Youngs
Don’t forget that a Perth “Bring Your Oldest Bike Ride” is happening in Perth on August 9 organised by Clive Oakes.

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