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February 2015 Club News

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A Hot Summer's Ride

Stopping for a break at Narrikup.Even though it looked like it was going to be a warm day (for Albany) there was still a large number of members turn up for a ride through Narrikup, Mt Barker and Kamballup.

Chatting hard in the shade.
Colby was there in summer riding gear from Kulin and Chris had made the effort to ride over from Denmark.
We headed towards the Porongorups before turning down Yellanup Road to Narrikup. We had a prolonged stop there, shame the store is shut these days though, before heading down Spencer Road to the Denmark-Mt Barker Road to Mt Barker.

Finding a bit of shade at lunch time.
We decided to have lunch in the shade of the park near the main street, great idea as apparently the bakery was very hot. Went to put 95 octane fuel in the bike at the main servo in Mt Barker when I noticed that it said 10% ethenol, steer clear of that stuff, so settled for 98 octane instead.

After lunch we went in different directions home, with some taking the Woogenellup Rd, the Porongorups Rd and also the Albany Hwy. Web editor addition - I went up Syred Road but turned back south when the temperature on the GS hit 38 degrees C and the fuel pump started struggling to keep the bike running.

On Syred Road with the Stirlings in the background.

After parking the bike a quick swim at Middleton Beach cooled us off. A most enjoyable ride, and as always good company.

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