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February 2015 Club News

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Boxing Day Ride

Gleoff Osborne’s beautiful 1942 WLA sidecar outfit.
          He bought the bike in 1968 for 20 pounds, and put the sidecar
          on later.
Time to shake off the Christmas Day excesses and ride out to Denmark in the afternoon for a relaxing chat and coffee by the river.

It was a magic day and around 14 were on the ride including visitors Ereth and Tonia on their Honda. We started off along the Upper Denmark Road before heading down to the Lower Denmark Road to enjoy a few bends.

Barry with Andrew and the temperamental neutral
Denmark is getting busier all the time and Scotsdale Road was given a miss as tourist traffic spoils the ride.
Andrew was having trouble with a dicky neutral light, and the bike wouldn’t start without it. Eventually it decided to come on and all was well with the world.

Geoff Osborne was waiting for our arrival in Denmark and later Paul Fry arrived. It was a most enjoyable day, now we have a new year of rides coming up - great.

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