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December 2014 Club News

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A ride through the Stirlings

Even though the weather could have looked better there was a large turn-out for the ride through the Stirlings and Boxwood Hills returning through Wellstead.

It was good to see Colby from Kulin joining us and Greg, who hadnít been on a Club ride for a long time.

Amelup Roadhouse.
It's a great ride through the Stirlings to Amelup Roadhouse which is open on Sunday mornings and makes a good place to stop for a break.

Chris, Chris, Chris and yes Chris.
Chris and Francesco left us there to take the dirt roads back to Denmark via Red Gum Pass. Then it was time for the ride to Boxwood Hills. Itís brilliant with nice views of the Stirlings and surrounding countryside as you ride down the escarpment. Frank and Jill always make us most welcome at their roadhouse where we stopped for lunch.

Boxwood Hills.
The ride home takes in some nice bends over the Pallinup River before passing through Wellstead. Great ride, with no breakdowns or mishaps.

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