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December 2014 Club News

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Not the Anvil Beach Ride

The forecast was gloomy, and there were only eight bikes at the info bay, 10.10 and it was time to go, around the Drive to Elleker.

Just after we left we saw Raelene and Garry, who would join us at Elleker and Reg and Dave who we saw wizzing past Elleker to we presume Anvil Beach.

Glistening Yamaha RD350LC in the sun.
At Elleker Ronnie and Antoinet were there and so far the weather was good, there were now a dozen bikes.
Looking up, the sky was getting blacker, time for the wet weather pants and off we go.

Sheltering from the rain at Young's Siding.
We came to a screeching (slithering?) halt at Youngs Siding as the rain was coming down quite heavily. Sheltering from the rain were most of the gang who left Albany, some had headed home as well as Chris, Francesco, Geoff and Glen from Denmark. John had stopped by the side of the road and changed into his “Duck Onesy”.

Lunching on Antoinet and Ronnie's veranda.
It was quickly decided when the rain eased to give Anvil Beach a miss, as there’s no shelter and have lunch at Ronnie and Antoinet's. It didn’t take long to get there.

It was most enjoyable, as well as dry and it gave us a chance to discuss rides for the next six month calendar. When there was a break in the weather we headed for home.

Just as Chris and I put the bikes in the shed the rain hammered down, good timing.

Thanks to Ron and Petra who brought the back-up trailer, they didn’t worry about wet weather gear ha ha.

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