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December 2014 Club News

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Narrikup – Mount Barker Hill Ride

by Antoinet

Bad weather was the forecast, strong winds and heavy rain. When we arrived at the info bay it was windy but still very nice and sunny. A lot of people set off to do the ride to Narrikup and Mount Barker, I think there must have been nearly 20 bikes.

Linda and Raelene.
Linda showing her book to Raelene. She raced bikes in the late 60’s, and has ridden overland to Australia from the UK as well as many other adventures around the world. She came along as a guest on this ride.

Garry and Raelene were doing back up. We went along Chester Pass Road and the wind blew us sideways, I hadn't experienced it like this before on my own and I was glad there was no other riders near me, I could just go at my own pace.

Turning into Yellanup Road I could see this was even going to be worse because of the narrow road and all the small and bigger sticks on the road. Taking it easy again I steered my BMW around all the debris on the road arriving safe in Narrikup where we had our coffee stop.

Andrew, Ronnie and me I set off after our cuppa, along Spencer Road to Mount Barker where we stopped at the Bakery for some lunch to be eaten on the hill. The trees up the hill gave us shelter from the wind so it wasn't too bad there. There were not so many bikes left, a lot of people must have turned around to go back home.

Pointing out the wind howling in the TV tower.
We saw the weather coming in and we all quickly put on the wet weather gear and hit the road to go back home. Ronnie and I did okay until just before the airport, the rain started and didn't stop all the way home.

Never seen the group leave so fast.
Because it had been so warm in the morning we had decided to take the liners out of our jackets. We regretted that now because the temperature had dropped. But like I always say “We don't have to put up the tent!” - when we travelled through Europe in 2003 we got drenched for days on end and had to put up the tent every evening and it would be still wet from the previous day. Now we could just go home, dry our gear and have a nice hot shower.

Thanks Garry and Raelene for doing back up

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