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August 2014 Club News

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5BBBBB’s Rally

Story by Bruce

Avoiding the puddles.
Our annual 5BBBBBs (Bruce and Bully’s beer, bikes and bulldust) Rally to Cuballing Pub was on again. Lots of rain meant no dust for the dirt bikes and having 30 solos + 3 sidecars meant good news.

Group meeting in bush.
Meeting point was Gull in Karagullen at 10.30. A bit of tyre-kicking and last chance for food. We had a quick riders brief.

Simple rules:

  1. Mark the bloody corner.
  2. Pay for your beer.
  3. Bully is tail-end Charlie.
  4. Let's get going.

Irish Kev and his lie-down Triumph.
Up Brookton Hwy for about 15km and into the bush following Guzzi Mike who has been before with GPS.
All good till we hit the sandy section. Had a few L platers and novices along and my loud mate Irish Kev on his brand new 800XC Triumph, who goes down and down and down.

Irish Kev and the Bruce's lie-down Suzuki.
On the fourth time I said I would take his bike, so jump on the DR650 which he laid down twice more for everyone’s entertainment as everyone had stopped for the first beer break. Yes I also fell off in front of the crew on Kev’s 800 but no photos to prove it.

Head off again hoping the rain would stay away. Quick stop to fix flat tyre and meet some quads coming sideways in opposite direction. Doesn't pay to cut corners even in the bush. Catch up to the rest who are complaining about waiting too long every stop cause the beer is in the sidecars at the back. 70km and 2.5 hrs later better move.

Out of the bush and into farming country so pick up the pace or was that race? on good gravel. Into Dryandra bush and the fire break had just been graded so was loose and slippery in places. Bully hit a couple of big rocks in his GSX1400 sidecar and nearly went over the bars.

Arrive at the pub and time for beers and bulldust, as we waited for the few tar burners. Clive’s GSX1400 rear wheel seemed to be spinning all the way, but he had a big grin. All rooms booked so swags inside or tents next door was the go. Lamb shanks or fish ‘n chips was the menu and very tasty.

Cuballing Pub in the morning mist.
All the blouses started heading to bed by 8.30 but some of us made it till closing. Up at 7 for breaky on the BBQ supplied by us so no one missed out like last year. Fog was in still at 9 but cleared as we left heading the back way across Brookton Hwy into Pickering Brook the back way.

Kojak missing the corner was the only incident on the way home. Some stopped for an ale at the Rock Inne to wash down the dust (what dust?).

400km round trip, good company and a great weekend had by all and can’t wait till next year.

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