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June 2014 Club News

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Safety Bike Inspection

Busy morning at the Bromilow’s.
Being as its now not compulsory to have your concessionally licensed bike checked every year (the onus is now on you to make sure your bike is roadworthy and you are a financial member of the Club) we are having voluntary inspections once a year.

Chatting hard between inspections.
Neil and Ronnie were on hand to give your bike the once-over as its easy to miss even the simplest mechanical defect on your own bike. Antoinet was in attendance with the membership paperwork as well as bringing some cake and Robin had made a platter of salad to go with the sausage sizzle.

Chatting about Triumphs and Kawasakis, maybe?
Even though the day was a bit gray there was a good turn-out of members between 10 am and 2 pm. Bikes were looked-over with the assistance of tea and coffee before Robin cooked the sausages and onions. It's a very social day and most stay for several hours chatting.

Daniel made the trip in from Bow River on the Ariel and it was good to see Mike Hyland on his BSA.
Thanks to Robin and Neil for their hospitality and Ronnie and Antoinet for assisting.

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