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June 2014 Club News

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Roaring Twenties Rally

By Robin Bromilow

A smiling John Sinclair on his 1930 Grindley.
The 5th and 6th April saw 39 pre-1931 motorcycles lined up for the Roaring Twenties Rally at Boyanup.
It was great to see some more of our riders there this year. Bob and Maureen Whittingstall. Kelvin Mears, David and Shirley Main, Colin and Britt Butler, John Sinclair as well as Jeff and Fleur, quite a team. Neil and I went as back up.

The riders left Boyanup about 10 a.m. on Saturday morning headed for Kirup then on through to Donnybrook for lunch. They headed off from there at about 1.30 p.m. then across through Boyanup and onto Nannup for the night.

Tim (1926 Calthorpe) Kelvin (1926 Norton) and Bob
          (1918 Henderson).
On arrival we saw that the little sleepy town had almost been taken over by car jockies. They had their own rally over three days and it included bush bashing and road racing. Some of the groupies that followed were unbelievable.

On the Sunday morning a group of us watched one of the Citroen Team set-up one of their two mobile workshops. Bob was able to inform us that the Prime mover its self was probably worth about $500,000 and the rest $100,000 empty.

We then watched what they brought out of it - red canvas so the cars weren't parking directly on the road,  2 tool boxes that could only be moved on wheels and were about $500- $1000 each or more. Then in one corner a T.V., BBQ, comfortable chairs and tables to dine at.

One of the things that really got me was that all these so-called mechanics were wearing white tee shirts. Obviously weren't planning on getting dirty. They then set out full changes of tyres for the cars as we were told that they had been bush bashing yesterday and would be on the roads today.

We all moved out on Sunday morning at about 8.30 and regrouped at Balingup then back to Murray and Sharon Rudlerís for a BBQ lunch. This was followed by prize-giving and Jeff was lucky enough to win a prize for the oldest bike to complete the course. He was riding Neilís Rover. It was a great time, great company and a good event. Thanks to Ken Vincent and his team of helpers.

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