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June 2014 Club News

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Numbat Rally - 2014

Pics and story by Bruce

Good saying
          about memory.Rally time again so packed the sidecar and me mate Mick and with Kylie and Kaz in tow we headed off on Fri at 2pm to Balkuling. Got cold as soon as we left York but only 45km to go so not a problem.

Arrived on site to find about 60 people already there. No sign of any AVCMC members so camped with the dreaded 'Devils Undies' crew. Tents up and beer o clock as we catch up with old friends.

Sign on left says it all. Still getting over the flu so cold night didn't help. Get out the chilli coffee liquor - yum - felling better already.

Put Kylie in charge of the sidecar and chuck laps of the paddock but pretty quiet night so crash about 11pm.
Up at 8am and get ready to greet everyone else at front gate. Still cold so organize fire drum.

Clive, John, Lynne and Stewart turn up followed by Guy and Greta. Things start to liven up mid-arvo and lots of entertainment to watch. Having a fang on Chuckas 50cc bike when Donga pulls up with sidecar towing a bonnet and encourages me to have a ride sitting on mini bike on bonnet.

Kylie trying to keep Bruce under
Lucky Kylie pulls up and lays down the law as we are on a plane to England in the morning and wants me in one piece.

V8 trike thing.
OK so settle for just sitting on bonnet for a lap of paddock, gets the adrenalin going real good. Spud guns and gas burners, burning bales of hay and V8 tricky things as well as countless maniacs on m/cycles be careful where you walk. Loud night till a big OFF on the Honda Repsol at midnite by some dude gets us a visit by RAC rescue chopper, that's a first. The guy came to and refused to have a ride so they left empty handed, but the ambo had a patient as my mate from Bunbury fell over and broke 3 ribs, so off to York Hospital. Good, that quietened the boys down for the nite.

Up at 7.30 ready to run Gymkhana. Dunny-roll sex gets lots of laughs and all the usual games for old and young.

How to stop a sidecar.
Barbara worked out how to do a front end wheelie on her sidecar. Probably needed to change her pants afterwords.

Back to the campsite where the weber served up yummy pork rolls. Pack up and farewell friends and head home to relax for a day ready to catch plane with all limbs still intact.

Sounds insane - dangerous - crazy but would not miss for quids. I havenít missed many since 1979 and still alive so come along to the next one.

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