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April 2014 Club News

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Club Tuning Day

Pics by Bob R and John Mac

Chatting hard in the workshop.
The Club Tuning Day was again good fun, although there wasnít a great deal of tuning, with only a few carbies tuned. Ronnie did a bit of work on his Guzzi and a bit of advice here and there.

Clive, Phil and Des admiring Steve Collin's Ariel
So it was very much a social day with the sausage sizzle going down very well. Steve and Chris turned up on their Ariel Leader, which is a very interesting two-stroke twin of which there are few around. A lot of our members hadnít seen one before.

Steve Lucas with his 500cc S7 Sunbeam.
Steven Lucas turned up on his Sunbeam too which is looking great.

Sausage Sizzle is under way.
Thanks to the cooks who did a great job with the snaggers.

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