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April 2014 Club News

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DLRA (Salt Lake) Speed Trials

Pics by Mike Henderson

World's fastest Velocette banner.
Mike and Isabelle Henderson were lucky enough to be at Lake Gairdner in South Australia for the DLRA Speed Trials.
Detail of supercharged Velocette. 

Lake Gairdner is a salt lake 160km long by 50km wide and is accessed by road 129kms north of Iron Knob.
The Speed Trials are held annually as long as there is no water around.

Vespa scooter ready to race.

The DLRA hosts an amazing amount of bikes and cars of all ages from the 1920ís through to more modern vehicles. Apparently a guy on a twin-turbocharged postie bike did 111.476 mph.
Google Lake Gairdner or go to the DLRA website to view the photos and results.

BMW R100CS motorbike.

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