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April 2014 Club News

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Bridgetown Weekend

Photos by Bob R and John Mac

On the March long weekend, it's become a tradition to camp somewhere in the South West. This year Harley had organised the Club to go to Bridgetown. The managers had put aside an area for us and $10 a head per night is an absolute bargain these days.

Camping in the shade in Bridgetown.
Some had arrived on a hot Friday, others arrived on a hot Saturday. As usual on these weekends the BMW Club joined us as well. It was good to meet up with some of the older members as well as meeting new ones.

Clive’s modified sidecar outfit, and camper trailer.
We arrived on Saturday afternoon at the same time as the Perth members of our Club turned up. It was good to see Des from Bunbury, Sue from Perth and Ron who had also arrived on Friday. We had a huge area in which to camp, with the river close by to cool off.
The Perth part of our huge camping area.

The campers kitchen was well kitted-out including a microwave which was handy as we had a pre-cooked curry which needed a microwave or two.

Night-time in the campground.
Lefty was on form on Saturday night with an impressive repertoire of songs. So after much chatter and laughter it was time to turn in.

Happy charioteer in Goldwing sidecar.
Next morning there were two rides on - one to Nannup for a look at the music festival and the other to Dardanup for the old machinery display.

On the Nannup-Balingup road.
We chose to go to Nannup, nice ride, although it was warming up again. Interesting music festival, mainly folk with different artists playing at various venues simultaneously, some were very, very good. There was also a market with plenty of stalls and buskers of various types.

Lefty brought his guitar on the back of the bike, and after registering, decided to see if he could make some beer money. Later I asked him how he went. He told me he was $5 down. “How’s that?” I asked. He said that he didn’t make any money but gave $5 to other buskers. Maybe that’s how all the “greats” start, or maybe not, ha ha. Ah, but Lefty enjoyed himself and found others to play along with.

We then rode to Balingup where we had lunch before heading back to camp where quite a few were making the most of the river.

Apparently the ones who went to the Dardanup Machinery Day said it was brilliant with excellent displays of various types.
John and Louise and their new chair.
John and Louise turned up on his newly made sidecar late in the afternoon.

Lefty was on form.
That evening it was time for a BBQ which the park provided, and later Lefty, although a little under the weather and with a couple of strings missing entertained us with more of his songs as well as Kevin Bloody Wilson's.

Next day it was time to say our goodbyes and head home. The weather had now changed, the temperature had dropped and at Manjimup there was a sprinkling of rain.

Great weekend, thanks for the company and good on you Harley for organising it.

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