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February 2014 Club News

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Bring Your Oldest Bike Ride

Bikes assembling at the Information Bay.
Once again it was time for our January “Bring Your Oldest Bike Ride”. If your oldest bike is a new bike so be it, but we did get a large turn-out of older bikes, especially post-war British bikes.

Paul and newly-restored Ariel Red Hunter.
It was great to see members of the Vintage Motorcycle Club join us on the run and hopefully they will join us on future rides.

So after a brief introduction and welcome to our visitors it was time for the 30 or so bikes to take off. My AJS was making a bit of a noise from the primary chaincase, so I decided it would be more prudent to take it home and bring out my BSA Gold Flash instead.

Chatting at Youngs Siding.
A couple of other bikes had problems before the start and this turned out in both cases to be fuel-related.

Sidecar arriving at Youngs Siding.
Before long we arrived at Youngs Siding where it was time for a break and more socialising. This gave me a chance to catch up to them too.

It was good to see Collin Penny from Lake King with dad Phil, both on beautifully restored Triumphs and also Daniel making the trip from Bow River on his Ariel Red Hunter. Also John and Jan on their Triumph sidecar outfit.

It was then time to head off to Emu Point where we were to have lunch in the park at the back of the beach, nice and sheltered, no wind and empty. There Andy and Sue, and the rest of the Penny family were to join us.

Neil, Colin and Paul.
After a bite to eat and more chatting it was time to head home. Thanks to Neil Bromilow who did back-up duties. No bikes were taken onboard the trailer which is a credit to the riders.

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