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February 2014 Club News

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Breakfast alongside the King River

Motorcycle lineup at breakfast venue.
It was an early start for a short ride to the Lower King bridge for a BBQ BYO breakfast. Being as it was such a short ride we were wondering whether it would be worth bringing along the trailer.

But going by past experience we thought we might check out the BBQs first to see if they were OK for gas, if not weve got the Club BBQ. Andrew Haydock kindly took a ride out there late Saturday before the Sunday breakfast. One BBQ not working and the other had limited gas. So yep, well take the Club trailer complete with cooking facilities.

Working up an appetite in Lower King.
Considering the early start and a cool morning there was a good turn-out. Daniel rode in from Bow River on the Guzzi after an early start and Mike Henderson turned up too. Mike and Isabelle are now on their way to the Eastern States where they will roam around for a while.

Ian hadnt had the Matchless out for quite a while, but he started it in the shed and it went well, so in it roared into the meeting point. Unfortunately it wasnt roaring so much when it was time to leave and it needed a push. Undeterred Ian rumbled along until the Matchie decided to have a rest, and on the trailer it went. Hmmm, lucky we brought it.

A beautiful place to have breakfast even though the wind was a bit cool. The emus were poking their heads over the fence trying to see what was going on.

Phil then told me his sidecar outfit had been playing up a bit and it might be prudent to follow him home. Ians place was on the way, the trailer certainly gives you piece of mind.

Steve, Daniel, Lurline, Warwick and Chris.
It was nice to meet Steve and Chris, new members of the Club who had recently moved down from Perth.
Steve Lucas arrived on his pushbike as his motorbike felt like having the day off, must be contagious.

Unloading the mighty Matchless - good way to save on
Ian's bike then decided it was fed up with being chauffeured around and fired up after a couple of kicks, so this time he did roar off into the distance.

Phil and Lurline made it home without any problems, but the ignition needs to be checked out. I went back-up and it was good to be of service.

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