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February 2014 Club News

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Boxwood Hills and Stirlings Ride

The weather was looking good for the near-300km ride through the Stirlings. It was decided at the start to change the direction wed travel and go to Boxwood Hills for a coffee first and then lunch at the Stirlings after.

Matt and Brooke enjoying a cool drink at Boxwood
So around 23 bikes took off from Albany in excellent riding conditions. Frank and Jill had a busy time serving us at the Boxwood Hills roadhouse, but being Club members they were expecting us and the service was excellent.

Unfortunately we missed Wes and Barbara from Bremer Bay who rode out on their Ducatis to meet us just after wed left. The ride then took us on the Borden Road, heading towards the Stirlings before arriving at the Chester Pass Road junction.

Lunch in the Stirlings National Park.
We then rode through some lovely bends before arriving at the picnic area at the turn-off to Bluff Knoll, finding a shady spot where it was easy to eat lunch. Before long it was time to head home. Great ride and company.

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