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October 2013 Club News

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Club AGM at the hall

The table of discussion.After a very wet AGM last year this year the weather was much kinder. So with a good turn-out of members we headed towards the Porongorups before heading down the Yellanup Road which took us on our way to the bakery in Mt Barker.

Ronnie wrestling with the Indian's stand.We stopped there for coffee and also to buy lunch if you didnít have anything as these days the Kamballup Store is closed.

The Woogenellup Road is beautiful, with the Porongurups on the right and the Stirlings on the left.
Raelene and Garry had left earlier to open the Kamballup Hall and put the hot water and fire on - much appreciated.

Parked around the hall.The ground was pretty soft so you had to be sure your bike was safe when you parked it. Lunch and then the AGM where all positions were filled easily. Before long we were headed back home.

Thanks Ian for doing back-up duties.

2013 AGM of the Albany Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Club Inc.

Held at Kamballup Hall on Sunday 18th of August 2013 at 12.30 pm. President Bob Rees welcomed 28 members with 2 apologies. The minutes of last yearís AGM were read and accepted by Andy Burn and seconded by Robert Boyes.
Presidentís report: Bob Rees read out the report and it was tabled.
Treasurers report: $3806.33 in the bank with some bills to pay.
Membership secretary report: a total of 164 paid up members in the club.
Auditors report
Machine examiners report: absent.
All positions were then declared vacant and nominations were called for:
President: Bob Rees, nominated by Robert Boyes and seconded by Andy Burn. Bob agreed to stay on.
Vice president: Kim Thompson, nominated by Ronnie Jellesma and seconded by Antoinet Glazema. Kim agreed to stay on.
Secretary: Ronnie Jellesma, nominated by Chris Rees and seconded by Garry Blake. Ronnie agreed to stay on.
Assistant secretary: Antoinet Glazema, nominated by Daniel Webb and seconded by John McKinnon. Antoinet agreed to stay on.
Second assistant secretary: Ian Grant, nominated by Don Fraser and seconded by Antoinet Glazema. Ian agreed to stay on.
Treasurer: Chester Powell, nominated by Andy Burn and seconded by Ronnie Jellesma. Chester agreed to stay on.
Assistant treasurer: Andy Burn, nominated by Chris Rees and seconded by Bob Jackson. Andy agreed to stay on.
Membership secretary report: Chris Rees, nominated by Ronnie Jellesma and seconded by Antoinet Glazema. Chris agreed to stay on.
Property officers: Neil and Robin Bromilow. Nominated by Don Fraser and seconded by Chris Rees.
Auditor: Chris Harrison
Editor: Bob Rees
Machine examiner (registrar): Neil Bromilow
Machine examiner: Ronnie Jellesma
Machine examiner (Perth): Huw (Dave) Jones
Web manager: John McKinnon
Business arising: none.
Meeting closed at 1.10 pm

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