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August 2013 Club News

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Planes, Bikes and Hills

Story & Pics by Chester

Enjoying lunch and the view at the top of Mt Barker
Well how good was the weather for our ride to Mt Barker Hill, perfect Iíd say. A good bunch of about 25 or more riders and some partners on various bikes gathered at Mercer Rd for a 10 oíclock briefing. It was then off via Millbrook Rd, left onto Albany Highway, right onto Redmond Hay River Road to the store where we regrouped waiting for stragglers and Ron Allen who was doing back-up with trailer.

From here we travelled about 5kms to Noel and Robyn Stoney's farm. After introductions we were guided to a hanger where his aeroplane is housed and we were all provided with snacks, tea and coffee. Must be the only hanger in Australia with carpet!

Noel's plane construction talk.
Noel then gave a really good talk on his association with the flying industry and the building of this aeroplane. Here is some information for those air buffs in our club.

Noel is a member of the Sports Association of Australia which has 35 chapters. He belongs to chapter 13 which has approx 40 members in the south coast. The SAAA members help and support each other in the building of their type of aircraft.

Group outside hanger.Noel and Robyn decided to build a RV9A. The project was started in 2004 when the first parts in kit form, arrived from USA. Some 2000 plus hours were put in before the first test flight took place in 2007 at the Albany airport.

Would have been anxious moments! The aircraft is a 2 seater, powered by a 160hp Lycoming engine and has a 4.5hrs endurance at 140knots. They fly between 2000-8000 ft looking for the smoothest ride.

Luggage bit restricted like a bike, tooth brush and credit card, learn to travel light. This aircraft has flown them both to various parts of the state and eastern states. Trudy and I caught up with them at Port Pirie, SA, 2010 while biking about. We saw them take off one morning heading back to Albany. They rang me at 4pm WA time to say they had arrived. Took us 3 days.

He has also started building a 4 seater and has only made a scratch so far with just a few small bits being assembled. Robyn tells me the 2 seater was an obsession, the 4 seater is a hobby so itís probably going to take a lot longer to complete. Farming also tends to get in the way.

Many thanks to Noel and Robyn for providing morning tea, their time and sharing their experiences. Just after he finished his talk a friend, Colin Coxal, who owns a similar aircraft, flew from his farm over the hill (pre-arranged by Noel). He gave us all a display of how these aeroplanes perform. Thanks to Colin for taking the time as we all found it very entertaining.

From here we rode via Spencer Road- to Mt Barker, Denmark roads via the BAKERY to pick up some snacks before we grouped on top of Mt Barker hill for lunch. Ronnie and Antoinet joined us here in their Patrol with a postie on the back. They were on their way back from a postie bike gathering at Dumbleyung.

Note! Interesting to see Keith Offer with his or should I say Chrisís new bike, a Spyder (Can Am), trike or bike making it at least 3 in the club now. It was good to see some members who havenít been on a ride for a while, and just generally catching up with old and new friends.

Thanks to Ron Allen for going backup.

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