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August 2013 Club News

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Dirt bike riding at Julimar Forest

by Bruce (of the McLoose clan)

Another day of fun up at Julimar Forest on the dirt bikes to celebrate Sally's 25th birthday the next day. Glad we got lots of rain during the week to add water to the track.
Bikes in knee-deep water.

As you can see from the pictures there was great fun to be had splashing through water and  attempting to climb steep hills.

Fallen rider talks to tree.
Sally celebrated her 25th birthday by rolling around in the dirt. No one got a picture of me head-butting the gum tree as I parked the DR 650 against it. Tom lost the TTR 250 in the greasy stuff and hurt his knee big time, but everyone else that fell off was laughing too much to get hurt, so we all enjoyed ourselves.

Hill-climbing in the valley.
Huw rode around in circles for two hours till he found us. We will be going again before it dries out, hopefully camping overnight this time.
Good clean fun in the puddles.

John thought his car was a 4x4 which it wasn’t. For a carton Tom pulled him out!

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