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June 2013 Club News

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Garry Taylor’s Shed Ride

by Andy photos Phil

Harley, Andy, Ian, Garry, Kim
          and Phil.
At 8am on a rainy Sunday morning the phone was hot! Are we going? Is it still on? and after a few well placed calls around the west it was on. I was not expecting too many people to be there as the rain was still falling but when I pulled up at the Info bay at 9.30am there was Garry (our guide for the day) Phil, Kim, Ian, John and Lucy all in their wet gear waiting, and that was it until Kamballup where we meet Harley.

The rain was getting heavier as we travelled through the Porongurups, Stirlings and Formby South Rd on our way to Gnowangerup - first stop for a nice warming cupper and to warm the hands. As we sat there at the service station three bikes pulled up across the road, we heard someone say yah we will keep going, and it was our mates from Perth, Bruce, Kylie and Mr Kawasaki - sorry didn’t get the name.

Restored 1973 Ford truck.
Bruce was rather shocked that anyone came at all (Bruce! some of us are just as silly as you mate ha ha) They were heading back to Perth after a ride through the Porongurups. I don’t know what happened next but there were bikes going off in all directions and at different times we all caught up in Broomehill except our mate Kim who stopped to point “percy at the porcelain”on the roadside. 

As it was wet and cold on taking his wet glove off all the inners came out and it took him a while to get them back in and the glove back on. We all waited in Broomehill, except for the Perth amigos, John and Lucy they disappeared down the road not to be seen again that day.

Alex’s collection of old shearing
All reunited we rode off to the shed where we were greeted by Garry’s brother Brian, Peter, Murray and Alex the museum owner. We spent a couple of hours just looking around the collection and listening to Alex tell us some of the history of the shearing game and some off his pieces. We even got a demo of a manually hand turning shearing piece with Kim being the sheep and Phil as the shearer.

It works, have a look at Kim’s nice new haircut next time. After the tour Alex brought out a huge tub of cooked coonac claws for the boys to eat and then we where on our way home. Heaps of traffic coming up the H’way. We planned to pull into Mt Barker for a break but we just kept on going, my fuel was getting down but thought I had enough, about 35 kms from Albany the fuel light started flashing and not reading the manual had a little panic attack as I knew not how far the reserve would take me.

I pushed on to find Garry on the side off the road. He had run out of fuel and was switching over to reserve  as well. Anyway it turned out that I have about 100 kms when the light flashes and same for Garry on his reserve.

Thanks Garry and Alex, for a fun and interesting day, even though the weather was a little rough.

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