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June 2013 Club News

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Roaring Twenties Rally, May 4 & 5

By Robin Bromilow

Neil, 1927 BSA and Jeff 1923
The beginning of the month certainly saw some heavy rain falling in our area. With the rally on the weekend in Boyanup we were planning for the worse with wet weather gear and extra clothes ready. We made our way to Boyanup on Friday morning. On arrival we were told that they had 85mls of rain on Thursday and a lot of the roads we were planning to travel on the next day had washed out. This is only the second time this event has been run and participants are encouraged to get into the spirit of the event.

So it was very interesting to see some of the riders arrive on Saturday morning in period costume. Murray and Sharon Rudler came in their 1925 Sunbeam sidecar outfit. Murray wore a black suit and tie with a bowler hat on.  Sharon wore a long skirt, blouse and high heel riding boots.

Scott motorcycle.
The start was from the Boyanup Transport Museum. Twenty-nine pre-1931 motorcycles lined up from 9am on. Neil was on a 1923 350cc BSA and Jeff 1927 250cc (round tank) BSA and Dave Main was on his 1929 Velocette. The public were able to come and look at the bikes while they were parked. Rally organiser Ken Vincent asked that the smaller and very old bikes were off first. Neil was number 12 and Jeff number 13.

The oldest bike entered was a 1914 Sunbeam sidecar bikes ranged from 250 – 1200cc. Dave Main, Neil & Jeff were the only bikes entered from this region. Quite a few came down from the metropolitan area and were able to leave the vehicles overnight in the Museum.

DKW motorcycle.
We were all on the move by 10.30am. Dave Weeks and Colin Brazil were the official backups and some private ones throughout the field. We arrived at Kirup for lunch about 1pm. Great to see Joy Fitzgerald come down and tell how her son is following in his father's footsteps and looking forward to doing something with his father’s bikes in the near future.

Nannup Pub.
Then we travelled on to Nannup where the 1923 BSA had broken down and was put in the trailer. Neil continued on but his back was playing up. Once there the bikes were on display from 2.30 – 4.30pm. Then they were tucked up for the night behind the hotel. The meal put on for us by the hotel was excellent, as was the breakfast the next morning. Neil decided not to fix the 1923 BSA and let Jeff rode the round tank and he came in the car with us girls.

The Sunday morning was another perfect day. The sun was shining and not a breath of wind. The winding roads on the way into Donnybrook for lunch were great. After morning tea we went on to Boyanup for a barbecue lunch at the Museum.

Only one major breakdown was when Elliot Montague’s Triumph took a wrong turn. When he stopped to check the route sheet he went to restart the bike and the kick-starter came apart. Thank goodness for modern tech-knowledge (mobile phones) he was able to be picked up.

At the barbecue, trophies were given and raffles drawn. Being a person who had never won a thing in my life, I was quite blown away to win four out of fifteen prizes (no girlie stuff of course).

All in all we had a very enjoyable weekend. A definite again for 2014.

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