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June 2013 Club News

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Inspection Day

Inspection activity.

Inspection day was again very social with Club members and visitors turning up for a chat and a coffee as well as having bikes inspected by Neil, Ronnie and Colin.
Chatting hard and inspecting.

Many thanks to the Bromilows for supplying lunch and drinks etc and of course to Robin and Antoinet for doing the paperwork and Chris for looking after membership. Thanks also to Huw for inspecting the Perth members bikes.
Robyn and Antoinet doing the form-work.

Changes to Concessional Licensing

Below is a letter from the Council of Motoring Clubs - which all Concessionally Licensed Clubs, including our Club, belong to.
It outlines changes to what is required as far as Club Members and their Concessionally Licensed Motorbikes.
Reading through it the onus and responsibility for riding and keeping your Concessionally Licensed bike roadworthy on the road is up to you - the rider.
Initial Concessional Licensing for your bike will remain the same as it is at present.
We as a Club will now decide whether we still have an annual inspection as part of the Club rules.
Or whether we have it as a voluntary inspection etc.
Other Clubs in WA are also deciding what to do.
Realistically it is a good idea to have your bike inspected annually, its surprising how easy it is to overlook basic problems with motorcycles (of any age). Having another pair of eyes check your bike often picks up small problems which could turn into major ones if not recognised.
I can think of many examples when this has happened in the past.
The subject has been discussed and will continue to be discussed at our Club general meetings. A decision will be made later in the year as to what the Club decides to do, otherwise what’s stated below applies to you.

Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 12:09:11 +0800
Greetings all,
The Department of Transport, in conjunction with committee members of the CMC have amended the operating procedures for code 404.
Please read the minutes of last nights meeting for a more in depth understanding of the changes. The minutes will be posted out as soon as possible.
In a nutshell;
1. The owner of a vehicle on code 404 is solely responsible for the adherence to the conditions of the concession.
2. The DoT legal team through the Policy Department of DoT have issued the following statement; “If the vehicle is used for purposes that breach the conditions under which the concession is granted, Section 19(17) of the Road Traffic Act 1974, deems the vehicle to be unlicensed. In these circumstances your compulsory third party insurance will generally not cover you against claims for personal or fatal injury caused to another person.
3. Further any comprehensive insurance policy held on the vehicle is also placed in jeopardy.
4. Effective immediately, there is NO REQUIREMENT to provide an annual report to Transport either directly or indirectly through the CMC for either conforming or non conforming vehicles. To that end, Annual inspections are NO LONGER REQUIRED, unless individual clubs decide to continue to provide a service to its members in the form of safety checks or other event.
5. Coloured windscreen stickers are NO LONGER REQUIRED.
6. A new form from the DoT number E81 will shortly be issued for first time inspections. Along with the Financial Member form from your club, form E81 is a Statutory Declaration that states that . . . sincerely declare that the vehicle listed above will be used only in connection with club events or for conducting a road test. I undertake to notify the Department of Transport should I cease to be a financial member of . . . Car Club. This form will also be required when transferring ownership between eligible members of the same or different car club.
7. Clubs may license club owned vehicles on concession. This has already happened to a number of clubs, however there was never the legal right to do it.
8. Trailers that meet the code 404 requirements may now be licensed on concession (Heavy duty and Semi type trailers)
9. License renewals at condition code 089 now states that the word Historic may be used in the form of a sticker or metal plate affixed above or below the vehicle licence plate.
When the Form E81 is ready for issue (it is currently undergoing some wording changes), the CMC will advise clubs on the availability of the form.
We are currently looking at a highly amended code 404 handbook for issue to members as soon as practical.
Cheers, Pete
Peter Taylor
Council of Motoring Clubs of WA

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